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cherish special moments with your loved ones amidst the vibrant life of living plants

For an eco-friendly wedding bursting with boho charm and rustic elegance, ditch the short-lived blooms and embrace the enduring beauty of nature. We offer a wide variety of plants, greenery, and foliage to rent, creating captivating centerpieces, aisle wonders, statement floor displays, or even an entire plant-themed forest for your guests to wander through.


Lush centerpieces brimming with ferns, succulents, and air plants, adding a touch of organic whimsy to your tables.

Graceful, leafy arches framing your vows, symbolising a love that grows stronger with time.

Towering tropical wonders welcoming guests with an exotic flair.

A captivating “mini jungle” photo corner where guests can capture unforgettable memories surrounded by living beauty.

Available year-round to celebrate your love any season with stunning, seasonal selections. Let our experts help you curate the perfect plant arrangements for your special day. Whether you’re looking to rent individual plants or complete packages we have something to suit your budget and vision.

Contact us today for a copy of our brochure and a personalised quote and let’s create a celebration that cherishes both love and the Earth!

How it works


Request a Quote

Express your vision and get in touch with us. We’ll be right back with you with some ideas and inspiration!

Our Magic at Work

We’ll head back into our Herefordshire based indoor jungle. Our team will start hand picking your dream wedding plants to bring your day to life. 

Confirm your proposal

Take some time to review our plans. Once you’re happy with your order, let us know and we’ll book your date into our diary!

Delivery + Setup

We make sure this is one less thing for you to think about. We take care of the delivery and meticulous setup of the plants your day.

Zero Waste

After the day, we handle the clean up. There is zero waste and we pick everything up. All we leave you with are your memories. 

Wedding & Events projects

    Cultivating Sustainable Celebrations

    At Löv Leaf, we are more than just a house plant shop; we are part of a larger movement towards sustainable celebrations. We are proud to announce our membership with the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, an organisation committed to transforming the wedding industry into an eco-conscious and socially responsible community.

    Why rent plants for my wedding/event?

    • Instant transformation: Create a lush, vibrant atmosphere without permanent landscaping or long-term care.
    • Unique touch: Stand out from other events with stunning greenery and botanical accents.
    • Cost-effective: Renting is often more affordable than buying and maintaining plants yourself.
    • Stress-free setup: We handle delivery, setup, and pickup, so you can focus on enjoying your event.
    • Sustainability: Plants offer a more eco friendly option than cut flowers, providing a zero-waste element.

    What types of plants do you offer?

    We have a diverse selection of indoor and outdoor plants, from towering birds of paradise to cascading ferns, delicate orchids to sculptural succulents.

    Can you help me design the plant arrangement?

    Absolutely! Our team will collaborate with you to create a personalised layout that complements your theme, venue, and style. We’ll consider lighting, traffic flow, and overall ambiance to achieve the perfect effect.

    How long can I rent the plants?

    Rental periods are flexible, typically ranging from a couple of days to several weeks. We’ll work with you to find the time frame that fits your needs.

    What happens if a plant gets damaged?

    Don’t worry! We understand accidents happen. We include minor damage in our rental fee, and for any significant issues, we can provide replacements or arrange repairs at an additional cost.

    Do you deliver and set up the plants?

    Yes! We offer convenient delivery and setup services. Let us know your location and event details, and we’ll provide a quote.

    How do I care for the rented plants?

    For most of our plant rentals you won’t need to lift a finger but for our longer rentals, no need to be a plant expert! We’ll provide basic care instructions for each plant, and our team is always happy to answer any questions. Generally, minimal watering and light adjustments are all that’s required if hiring for more than a couple of weeks.

    What happens to the plants after our event?

    Our goal is to keep our plants thriving. They will be carefully collected and either returned to our care for future rentals or returned back to our shop to be responsibly rehomed.

    How much does it cost to rent plants?

    Rental fees vary depending on the types and sizes of plants, the rental period, and delivery distance. We offer customised quotes based on your specific needs.

    Can I see some examples of your work?

    Absolutely! Visit our website gallery or social media pages to see stunning photos of past event transformations featuring our vibrant plant arrangements.

    We hope these FAQs answered your initial questions! If you have any further enquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us We’re here to help you create a truly unforgettable event with the magic of greenery.

    What is the Sustainable Wedding Alliance (SWA)?

    The Sustainable Wedding Alliance is a network of wedding professionals dedicated to promoting environmentally friendly and ethical practices within the wedding industry. Their mission is to reduce the ecological and social impact of weddings by encouraging sustainable choices, supporting local communities, and promoting responsible business practices.

    Why We Are a Member of the SWA

    At Löv Leaf, we believe in the power of green celebrations. By joining the Sustainable Wedding Alliance, we have taken a pledge to make a difference. We are committed to offering sustainable wedding solutions, from eco-friendly wedding favours to lush greenery décor. Our house plants not only beautify your special day but also contribute to a healthier planet. By choosing us, you are not just celebrating love; you are supporting a sustainable future.

    How the SWA Supports Our Business

    Being a member of the Sustainable Wedding Alliance aligns with our values and mission. It allows us to connect with like-minded individuals and businesses, share knowledge, and learn about innovative sustainable practices. Through this alliance, we stay updated with the latest trends and eco-conscious ideas, ensuring that our offerings are always in harmony with the environment.

    By choosing Löv Leaf for your wedding or special event, you are not only embracing the beauty of nature but also supporting a business that cares for the Earth. Join us in creating memorable moments while preserving the planet for generations to come.

    See our Sustainable Policy below.

    Do you have a question about plants for events? Get in touch!

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