Create a more inviting,  greener atmosphere for your customers and staff.

Welcome to Löv Leaf – Your Oasis in the Concrete Jungle!

At Löv Leaf, we believe that a touch of greenery can transform any space, turning mundane offices and business spaces into thriving, stress-free environments.

Our mission is simple: to bring the beauty and benefits of nature to your workplace through our curated house plant packages.

Perfect for…

  • RCommercial space
  • RResidential space
  • ROffice spaces
  • RBars and restaurants
  • RShops and more!

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Discover the Perfect Plant Package for Your Space!

We understand the demands of a busy business world, and that’s why we offer tailored plants and care packages for your workplace.

Our expertise ensures that we suggest the right plants for your space and allow them to thrive, leaving you to focus on what truly matters to your business. Research shows that incorporating plants into your workspace not only enhances the aesthetics but also contributes to lower stress levels and increased productivity.

At Löv Leaf, we take pride in being your go-to partner for creating greener, more vibrant working environments. Whether you operate from offices, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, co-working spaces and more, Löv Leaf has the perfect plant package for you.

Let us take care of the greenery while you focus on the growth of your business. Welcome to a world where nature meets productivity – get in touch for a free consultation.

At Löv Leaf, we’ve got a package for every green thumb – whether you’ve got a small collection that needs a quick check in or you’re rocking jungle vibes that needs consistent care. All our visits come with a touch of plant magic:

🌿 Watering (with a little check first) & misting: Because hydration is key, and who doesn’t love a refreshing mist now and then?
✂️ Pruning, dusting & general tidy: Giving your plants that spa-day treatment – because they deserve it!
🌱 Fertilizer (especially in the summer months): We’re all about that extra boost for your leafy friends when they need it most.
🐜 Treatment of pests (if they dare to show up): We’re the plant protectors, ready to ward off any unwanted guests.
🏡 Soil topping up (whenever your plants need a little pick-me-up): Keeping things fresh and cozy for your green companions.

We always come prepared with a dedicated kit just for your space – e.g. watering cans, top-notch fertilizers, and more! Let Löv Leaf bring the joy of hassle-free plant care to your doorstep. 🌿✨

OPTION ONE Weekly visit, up to 1 hour. Perfect for plant enthusiasts with a more petite plant family. £150 per month

OPTION TWO Weekly visit, up to 2 hours. Ideal for those with a mid to large-sized plant crew. £250 per month

OPTION THREE Weekly visit, up to 3 hours. Tailored for the true jungle fans who’ve turned their space into a lush green haven! £350 per month

As we are a small team, our packages are suitable for businesses and locations within a 20 mile radius of Hereford City Centre. If you are located outside of this, please contact us for a quote by emailing us below!

Do you have a question about Plants for Business? Get in touch!

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