Plants for Business

Create a more inviting,  greener atmosphere for your customers and Staff.

Did you know that plants draw in harmful toxins and actually produce oxygen?

There are huge health benefits through having office plants and plants in your environments, like improving air quality, but also lowering stress and anxiety and improving productivity in yourself and your staff.

Whether you are looking to introduce an office plant wall, a wellbeing area or some conference room plants, we can advise on the most suitable selection for your space. We can provide a wide range of indoor plants including low maintenance permanent structures like living walls, singular hanging plants, floor plants or small desk plants.

We also offer plant hire for a special event and plant props, and in case you or someone in your workplace has a reputation for killing plants, then we can also provide maintenance packages so that we will be on hand to come and look after them, so you don’t have to.

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Plants For Business

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