Baby’s Tears – Soleirolia Green

Baby’s Tears, scientifically known as Soleirolia soleirolii, is a charming and delicate trailing plant that captivates with its lush carpet of tiny, round leaves. Native to Corsica and Sardinia, this evergreen perennial is often sought after for its appealing, cascading growth habit. The leaves are vibrant green and resemble teardrops, hence the endearing name “Baby’s Tears.”



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Common Name

Baby's Tears

Latin Name



Watering approximately once a week, ensure that the top soil dries out in-between watering


Half strength feed monthly from Spring to Autumn, do not feed in Winter.


Normal humidity levels are sufficient, but you can give your plant an occasional boost by misting as Baby's Tears prefer a humid environment.

Light Requirements

Prefers bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate some levels of shade


This plant can comfortably sit at around 15-24?, but it can tolerate a few degrees either side.

Toxic to Cats/Dogs/Children

This plant is not toxic

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