Cacti and Succulent Soil Blend

Using a blend of: Coco Coir, Horticultural Sand, Grit, Pumice, Zeolite, Worm Castings, Activated Charcoal

These components work together and are vital to a successful substrate. In the event, you do over water a little or mistakenly water during their dormancy period- the added support of activated charcoal doesn?t just improve drainage but also fends off impurities and bad micro fauna and flora that will lead to rot. All xeric, arid species exist naturally with little access to nutrients the majority of the time, with this in mind, there is a small portion of worm castings to ensure the most natural and gentle presence of nutrients that their extremely delicate roots will not be offended by.

We recommend potting any of your common varieties of cacti and succulents in this mix but it?s also a fantastic candidate for other plants such as: Snake Plants, Jade Plant and Xeric bromeliads will thrive in this extremely well-draining blend.


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