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The Network Calathea, scientifically known as Calathea musaica, is a botanical marvel renowned for its intricate leaf patterns that resemble a network of veins or a mosaic of interconnected lines, hence its name. Each leaf is a masterpiece of nature, adorned with a mesmerizing array of dark green lines intricately woven against a backdrop of lighter green hues, creating a captivating visual display that evokes a sense of artistry and wonder.

This tropical plant, native to the rainforests of Brazil, thrives in warm, humid environments and is prized for its striking foliage. Unlike its relatives, the leaves of the Network Calathea remain relatively compact and upright, making it an ideal choice for tabletops, desks, or other small spaces where its beauty can be admired up close.

Carefully attending to its needs ensures that this botanical treasure thrives and flourishes, rewarding its caretaker with its extraordinary beauty and presence. With its resilience and unique characteristics, the Network Calathea is a perfect choice for adding a touch of exotic elegance to any indoor environment, creating a serene and enchanting atmosphere wherever it is placed.


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Common Name

Calathea Network

Latin Name (Plants only)

Calathea musaica


Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Calatheas prefer slightly damp soil, so water when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Ensure good drainage to prevent water from pooling around the roots.


Calatheas thrive in high humidity environments. Increase humidity by misting the leaves regularly, placing a humidifier nearby, or placing the plant on a pebble tray filled with water. Avoid placing near drafts or heaters, as these can dry out the air

Toxic to Cats/Dogs/Children

This plant is not toxic


Maintain a warm environment with temperatures between 18-27°C. Avoid sudden temperature fluctuations and drafts, as Calatheas are sensitive to temperature changes.

Light Requirements

Provide bright, indirect light for your Calathea Network to thrive. Avoid direct sunlight, as it can scorch the delicate leaves. A north or east-facing window is ideal, where the plant can receive filtered light.

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