Devil’s Ivy Marble Queen Pothos

The marble queen is an elegant and gentle type of Devil’s Ivy, the leaves are a lovely green and feature very pale cream, sometimes even white, variegation that is smattered across the leaf in tiny splotches, dots and stripes that create a lovely marbling between the green and cream.

This plant loves to trail off a bookcase or a hook from the ceiling or climb up a moss pole, if give the chance to grow you will see the new leaves increase in size as it grows, they may even end up bigger than your hand!

The marble queen is super easy to care for, can deal with you forgetting to water it for a few days and doesn’t need to much light to grow!


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Additional information

Pot Size

12cm / 20cm

Common Name

Devil's Ivy Marble Queen Pothos

Latin Name

Epipremnum Pinnatum


The Society Islands, French Polynesia


Water approximately every 10 days, ensure that the top soil dries out in-between watering


Half strength feed monthly from Spring to Autumn, do not feed in Winter.


High humidity, mist regularly

Light Requirements

Prefers bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate some levels of shade


This plant can comfortably sit at around 15-24?, but it can tolerate a few degrees either side.

Toxic to Cats/Dogs/Children

This plant is toxic if consumed

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