Queen of Hearts Shield Plant

The Queen of Hearts Shield Plant (Homalomena rubescens ‘Queen of Hearts’) is a captivating tropical foliage plant that captivates with its unique and stunning appearance. Its foliage is the highlight of this plant, boasting heart-shaped leaves that are glossy and vibrant. The deep green color of the leaves is accentuated by prominent veins that create an intricate and striking pattern. What makes this plant truly stand out is the underside of its leaves, which showcases a rich burgundy hue, adding a dramatic contrast to its overall appearance.

Each leaf of the Queen of Hearts Shield Plant is a masterpiece of nature, with a glossy sheen that reflects light beautifully, enhancing its visual appeal. The leaves are typically large and can grow up to several inches in length, providing a lush and luxurious look to any indoor space. Whether displayed as a focal point on a tabletop or as part of a larger plant arrangement, the Queen of Hearts Shield Plant adds elegance and sophistication to its surroundings.

In addition to its stunning foliage, the Queen of Hearts Shield Plant is also admired for its compact and bushy growth habit, making it ideal for both small and large indoor spaces. It can be grown in pots or containers, allowing for versatility in placement and design. Whether placed on a desk, shelf, or in a hanging planter, this plant commands attention and elevates the ambiance of any room with its natural beauty.

Overall, the Queen of Hearts Shield Plant is a symbol of love, beauty, and sophistication. Its exquisite foliage, characterized by heart-shaped leaves and striking colors, makes it a sought-after addition to any plant collection. With proper care and attention, this plant will continue to enchant and delight with its captivating presence, bringing joy and tranquility to its surroundings.


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Pot Size


Approx Height (incl pot)


Common Name

Queen of Hearts Shield Plant

Latin Name (Plants only)

Malomena Rubescens Maggy


eep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings to prevent root rot.


Maintain moderate to high humidity levels. Misting the leaves or placing a humidifier nearby can help create the ideal environment.

Toxic to Cats/Dogs/Children

This plant is toxic if consumed


Keep the plant in a warm environment with temperatures ranging from 18°C to 27°C. Avoid exposing it to drafts or sudden temperature changes.

Light Requirements

Provide bright, indirect light for the Queen of Hearts Shield Plant. It can tolerate lower light conditions but may grow slower.

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