Umbrella Plant – Gold Capella

The Schefflera Gold Capella, commonly known as the Umbrella Plant, is a tropical beauty that infuses spaces with a touch of opulence. With its vibrant green palmate leaves accented by golden-yellow variegation, this plant is a visual feast reminiscent of sun-dappled canopies in a lush rainforest. Native to Taiwan, the Umbrella Plant earns its name from the distinctive arrangement of its leaflets, resembling a cluster of open umbrellas. Adaptable and resilient, it thrives as an indoor foliage star, bringing a taste of the tropics to homes and offices. Providing not just aesthetics, but also serving as an air-purifying companion, the Schefflera Gold Capella is an invitation to lush, green luxury within your living spaces.



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Additional information

Pot Size

17cm, 21cm

Approx Height (incl pot)

100cm, 105cm, 55cm

Common Name

Umbrella Tree

Latin Name

Schefflera actinophylla


Water approximately every 10 days, ensure that the top soil dries out in-between watering


Half strength feed monthly from Spring to Autumn, do not feed in Winter.


Normal humidity levels are sufficient, but you can give your plant an occasional boost by misting

Light Requirements

Prefers bright, indirect light or a spot in part sun and part shade


This plant can comfortably sit at around 18-26?, but it can tolerate a few degrees either side.

Toxic to Cats/Dogs/Children

This plant is toxic if consumed

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